The Zero Waste Heroes School Solution

Have you ever felt that your school was not doing enough about its plastic waste?

For too long, a proven step-by-step process encouraging the whole school to take action has been missing.

The Down To Earth Movement has been working with Australian schools to assist them in not only creating better waste management habits for their students but empowering them to work together - developing a community approach around solving the problem of plastic in the schoolyard.

Find out more about the Zero Waste Heroes School Solution here.

To download it directly click here. Use the code TDTEM20 to save 20% on your download.

The download is a fairly self-explanatory framework - so consultation is not always necessary.

However, should your school require assistance then a fun school assembly presentation, a discussion with student and school leaders on how to implement the program and an overview on where bin systems ought to be placed in your school can be arranged.

By purchasing the program you will receive an hour of expert consultation from a member of The Down To Earth Movement.

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We stock the following:

*Classroom Bins - 32L plastic bins with lids (they come in red, green, yellow, black and blue; made in China; lasts a lifetime).

* Biobags - made in Australia from Mater-Bi (meets the AS 5810 accreditation for home compostability).

*Tiffins - made from stainless steel (hard to lose; lasts a lifetime; made in India).

*Picnic Benches - made in South Australia from recycled plastic (lasts a lifetime).

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Prices are mentioned in the downloadable program.

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