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Have you ever felt that sustainability and business ethics go hand in hand?

Having been in business in the sustainability sector for more than 10 years, the team behind The Down To Earth Movement has found that the coming together of those two values often look great on paper, but don't always remain at the end of the day.

Especially when money and market share is at stake.

As an emerging "syntropic" enterprise - that is one that leaves "everything better" - the team has learnt that ethics and values remain hugely important.

But there is also the emerging belief that in order to sustain the earth for all generations to come humanity must go beyond the idea of just "being the change" and now look toward championing those who are "being the change" also - and begin to question those who do the exact opposite.

Otherwise, it's just business as usual.

And as we emerge from Covid19 with humanity severely shaken ... there must be a new way.

By providing waste solutions to schools with our Zero Waste Heroes School Solution Program we hope that at least some of the values the team hold dear can be passed on to humanity's future leaders.

Read about our track record in environmental business here.

As well as the School Solution for plastic waste, our current focus is on bringing the Down To Earth Cup to Australia.

It's a home compostable cup (it meets the AS5810 standard for home compostability) and is ready to be brought into the country!

We were going to launch it under a crowdfunding camapign at the start of 2020... but we held it back due to Covid19 restrictions.

Get in touch through the contact form below if you are an angel investor or just a previous or potential customer (interested in purchasing some of the cups) and would like to work with The Down To Earth Movement team to make these cups available to the world....

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